Upcoming Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Several RMM attorneys will be presenters at one-day courses on “Advanced CEQA” topics around the state, organized by the California Association of Environmental Professionals. Tiffany Wright will co-teach the workshop on February 22nd in Oakland. Jim Moose will be a panelist on February 23 and March 2nd in Ventura and West Sacramento, respectively. Sabrina Teller and Chris Stiles will teach on February 24th in San Jose and San Luis Obispo, respectively. Elizabeth Sarine will also present in Eureka on March 10. Details about the workshops, registration, and locations are available at AEP’s website.

On February 27, Tiffany Wright will speak at the Legal Affairs Seminar of the American Public Transportation Association in Savannah, Georgia. Ms. Wright will provide practical advice on avoiding NEPA and Section 4(f) pitfalls for public transit projects in particular.

Sabrina Teller will co-teach a session titled “Practical Lessons in Defensible Trail Project CEQA Compliance” with Curtis Alling of Ascent Environmental at the California Trails and Greenways Conference in Monterey on April 20, 2017.

Andee Leisy and Jim Moose will be panelists at the AEP 2017 Conference at the Parc 55, San Francisco, May 18-21, 2017. Andee’s panel, titled “Reading the Tea Leaves of the Future of CEQA Compliance,” will address the recent California Supreme Court decisions in the CBIA, Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens, and Newhall cases, as well as new developments in CEQA relating to VMT, greenhouse gases, environmental justice, and other current topics. Jim’s panel will discuss unique issues arising under CEQA and other land use and planning laws for college and university projects.