Upcoming Speaking and Teaching Engagements

On May 5, 2017, Whit Manley will join with Margaret Sohagi in presenting a “CEQA update” at the County Counsels’ Association of California conference in San Diego.

Whit Manley and Jim Moose will be panelists at the AEP 2017 Conference at the Parc 55, San Francisco, May 18-21, 2017. Whit’s panel, titled “Reading the Tea Leaves of the Future of CEQA Compliance,” will address the recent California Supreme Court decisions in the CBIA, Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens, Newhall and Banning Ranch cases, as well as new developments in CEQA relating to VMT, greenhouse gases, environmental justice, and other current topics. Jim’s panel will discuss unique issues arising under CEQA and other land use and planning laws for college and university projects.