101 High Occupancy Vehicle Lane in Santa Barbara Can Move Forward

RMM, representing the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments and working with attorneys for Caltrans, defeated a challenge to Caltrans’ EIR for the 101 HOV project in Santa Barbara County. The project—an 11-mile HOV lane on Highway 101 from the City of Carpenteria to the City of Santa Barbara—will provide much needed congestion relief to the region. RMM joined SBCAG’s team after previous litigation required Caltrans to revise the EIR for the project. The successful defense of the revised EIR required an in-depth knowledge of the transportation analysis to respond to highly-technical challenges to the analysis, both in response to comments and in litigation. The court’s discharge of the previous writ allows the agencies to move forward with this key piece of transportation infrastructure. Tiffany Wright and Laura Harris represented SBCAG.